Lower the Lights and Let the Awards Ceremony Begin

Custom acrylic awards are just a phone call away in Texarkana, TX

Planning a workplace award ceremony? You've rented the space and hired the caterer, now all that's missing are the awards. That's where Rogers Trophy & Sign Company comes in. We design and create custom acrylic awards for residents of Texarkana, TX. Rely on us to help you choose an award color, style and writeup that your employee is guaranteed to love.

If you want to design marble plaques for your athletes, tournament winners or academic achievers, we can do that too. Call 903-792-6492 now to learn more about our award creation process.

3 reasons to reward your staff

There are many reasons why you should consider recognizing your staff members for their achievements. For example, many local business owners award their employees with personalized marble plaques as a way to:

  1. Increase their staff's motivation to perform their best
  2. Show their appreciation for the employees' hard work
  3. Encourage friendly competition between team members and departments

You may find that awarding your staff for their work will also improve your employee retention.

Discuss your acrylic award design ideas with our experts today. And don't forget to check out our bases and pop-ins.

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